Package Design & Branding
Work in progress for MuscleMunch - a new player in the protein bars industry. This is a rejected concept because of a difference in the packaging materials and dimensions.
UI & UX work for "Teach for All"
Logo Design & Branding
Epistark is a company, specialised in developing AR and VR products.
User Interfaces for contests in 99Designs
Video Editing for Aesthetic by Science
Take a closer look from 03:55 to 05:55min.
My brother is a graphic designer!
I did this logo for one of my sister's folklore dance clubs.
Talking about Photoshop...
In January I speaked in front of public for the first time.
I showed to nearly 200 people the possibilities of the Adobe products in multiple design fields.
Also, I had the chance to pay for a song and a video 
- from the Bulgaria's Most Wanted - 
Gosho ot Pochivka
Fun Facts
Back in 2013 I designed this task management system for 99designs and I got rejected.
Now check "Asana screenshot 2013" in Google Images.
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